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The last update in 20 April 2015

National Tuberculosis Control Program - Egypt





Supporting TB programs in EMR countries

Cairo -  February  - March 2015

NTP Egypt has been conducted a training course under title of (Toward TB Elimination) for EMR countries in collaboration with JICA - The course started at February 1st and end at March 5th 2015, for 5 weeks. There are 3 invited countries: Sudan, Jordan, and Yemen; 15 participants were attended from the 3 countries. The course covered all TB control components ,some managerial skills , post 2015 stop TB strategy and strategic planning toward TB elimination. more

Critical Care Training.

Cairo -  February  2014

This clinical workshop was delivered by a collaborative effort between the WHO and the Ministry of Health (MoH) of Egypt.
A total of 21 participants attended the 3-day course.
The goal of the training was to perform critical care management of severe forms of influenza infection, including severe pneumonia, ARDS, severe sepsis and septic shock.
The course used a problem-solving approach to facilitate the learning of the principal components of critical care management of patients with severe forms of influenza infection. It was based on a participatory approach that offers the participants a step-by-step approach to acquire the knowledge and skills they need for the tasks involved from hospital entry to discharge of patients suffering from severe influenza virus infection.


Principle of pulmonary medicine training course

Cairo - January - February  2014

During January and February 2014, NTP organized four training courses in the field pulmonary medicine under Continues medical education (CME) in collaboration with the universities staff of pulmonary medicine from Cairo, Bani Swaif and Tanta universities
The participants were from the chest units in Cairo, Giza, Qaliobia and Gharbia , 20 participants in each course
The training agenda includes most of the important chest topics.



International TB control course in Cairo in collaboration with JICA

Cairo - December  2013

In collaboration with JICA and EMRO/WHO, NTP has been conducted the 6th international training course in the field of TB Control for 17 participants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, South SUDAN, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine and Oman during the period of 1st to 26th of December 2013 with contribution of professors of chest diseases in the faculties of medicine from Cairo, Ain Shams and Azhar universities ; the training was focused on the different aspects of TB control and the newest items of stop TB strategy . more





NTP Egypt updating the Programmatic Management Guidelines 2012

Cairo - June  2012

The Guide is meant for physicians involved in the management of TB in Egypt. Its content is based on the latest views and technologies in TB control.
The Guide provides the reader with practical guidelines and instructions on the management of TB. These guidelines are based on the national policies for tuberculosis control in Egypt and should be followed by all agencies involved in tuberculosis control activities.
This guideline is following the international guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IUATLD).

The new guideline in PDF file size: 2.96 MB


World TB Day 2012 celebrations  in Egypt

Cairo - March 2012

World TB Day, falling on March 24th each year, is designed to build public awareness that tuberculosis today remains an epidemic in much of the world, causing the deaths of several million people each year, mostly in developing countries. It commemorates the day in 1882 when Dr Robert Koch astounded the scientific community by announcing that he had discovered the cause of tuberculosis, the TB bacillus. At the time of Koch's announcement in Berlin, TB was raging through Europe and the Americas, causing the death of one out of every seven people. Koch's discovery opened the way towards diagnosing and curing TB.
The World TB Day Campaign 2012 allowed people in Egypt  to make an individual call to stop TB in their lifetimes.

NTP Egypt carried this message and spared  it to many places starting with the school children in King Fahd Schools, the doctors in Medical syndicate even in the scientific conference of AMSA ending by a celebration in the chest conference attended by the Minster of health and all stockholders. more

World TB Day message from the UN Secretary



International TB control course in Cairo in collaboration with JICA

Cairo - 4 - 29  November 2011

The National Tuberculosis control Program in Egypt (NTP-Egypt) held recently the annual course for TB control. The course was conducted for multiple successive years in collaboration between the Japanese International Collaboration Agency (JICA), WHO EMRO, and NTP-Egypt
The course was conducted in the National Training Center for Tuberculosis and Chest diseases, MOH, Cairo, Egypt in the period from 4th to 29th, 2011.
Participants were from Sudan, South Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Jordan, Palestine and Iraq.


The course aimed at:
 Update the knowledge of tuberculosis and its control
 Improve analytical skills necessary for the situation analysis for TB control,
 Develop skills about Electronic Nominal Registration System to improve the TB recording and reporting system in their areas of responsibilities.
 Improve participants knowledge in MDR-TB management
 Improve participants knowledge in Practical Approach to Lung health (PAL)
 Improve participants knowledge in TB drug management.


The scientific committee of NTP developed guidelines for managing BCG complications

Cairo - May 2011

During the 4th quarter of year 2010, a gush of post BCG lymphadenitis was noticed in NTP units seeking for treatment and were notified to NTP.
An advisory scientific committee was formulated by the ministerial decree (Prof. Ashraf Hatem). This committee conjoined medical schools figures and representative of the curative sector of MOHP and NTP members.
In May 2011, the committee developed guidelines for managing these cases in NTP units. more


Together, singing the song of Stop TB 27 March 2010, Egypt

Cairo - 27 March 2010

Under the slogan of Together, singing the song of Stop TB The National Tuberculosis control Program- Egypt is celebrating World TB Day 2010 in Al_Azhar Park in collaboration with WHO EMRO and with partnership with Rotary and Worldwide Health Forums.
The World TB Day 2010 focuses on the innovation in the field of TB through honoring the scientists and actors in the field of TB control.
The celebration included a whole day festival in Al_Azhar Park through which health messages about TB were conducted in an entertainment program and ending by a concert attended by key persons of the Ministry of Health, NGOs and civil society and .More


Role of Civil Society in TB Control

Cairo - 24 March 2010

On 24th of March, NTP celebrated the World TB Day with the Egyptian Anti TB Association (headed by Dr. Ahmad Hamed Attia)

A conference was arranged to discuss the role of civil society in the fight against tuberculosis
More than 150 participants from NGOs and social workers reacted very positively in the discussions with creative ideas about the expected role.

Dr. Attia spoke about TB history and disease , Dr. Zuhir Hallaj discussed the importance of community participation , Dr. Amal Basilli shed the light on global situation of TB .



NTP Egypt Mobile Chest Unit

Giza - 6 March 2010

NTP Egypt has received a mobile clinic to support outreach activities especially to the slums, deprived zones, high risk population and vulnerable groups (prisons, camps. etc.).

The mobile unit first mission was in collaboration for Joint Relive mission to support refuges.

This mobile clinic (from the Global Fund grant) consists of two compartments, one for clinical examination of the patients and the other equipped as a smear examination lab for acid fast bacilli.

The lab compartment is provided with fresh water, waste disposal, binocular microscopy and all other necessary supplies. More

NTP Egypt participate in the 20th Cairo International Film Festival for Children

Cairo - 4 -11 March 2010

As a part of the celebration of the world TB day NTP Egypt participated in the 20th Cairo International Film Festival for Children in Cairo Opera from Thursday, March 4-11 2010.

The Festival, featuring movies from all over the world, is the one and only of its kind in the Middle East and is establishing for itself a worldwide reputation.

NTP Had a booth and exhibited the health education materials (posters, booklets, calendars and handbooks). NTP staff were present to answer the queries of the attendants about tuberculosis.


Health Awareness Campaign in Cairo International Book Fair 2010

Cairo -13 - 28  February 2010

The National Stop TB Partnership-Egypt held its first activity in year 2010 in the Cairo International Book Fair by one of the partners in the National Stop TB partnership that showed great commitment towards the Tuberculosis control in Egypt ; the Worldwide Health Forums (WHF); it's NGO in MOU with NTP-Egypt since January 2009.

Cairo International Fair was planned to be a great opportunity for the Partnership to raise the community awareness about TB and to announce for the establishment of our partnership because the fair is an exhibition of the largest book fairs in the Middle East. It is the second best book fair in the world after the Frankfurt International Book Fair. More


International TB control course in Cairo in collaboration with JICA

Cairo - 25 October - 19  November 2009

The National Tuberculosis control Program in Egypt (NTP-Egypt) held recently the annual course for TB control. The course was conducted for multiple successive years in collaboration between the Japanese International Collaboration Agency (JICA), WHO EMRO, and NTP-Egypt.

The course was conducted in the National Training Center for Tuberculosis and Chest diseases, MOH, Cairo, Egypt in the period from October 25th till November 18th 2009. Participants were from Sudan, Djibouti, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. More



Egypt National Partnership Declaration

Cairo -18 August 2009

The meeting was part of the exploratory phase of the partnership building, it aimed at giving an orientation for different partners about the scope of the partnership regarding its goals, objectives, potential activities and executive structure.
Attendants were representatives for NGOs and students' organization also media people and university professors, and different governmental directorates of the ministry of health in addition to the governorates' coordinators of TB.
The meeting was chaired by Dr. Mohammed Awad Tag-ELDin, the chair of the EM regional partnership to Stop TB, and in presence of Dr. Zuhair Hallaj and Dr. Akihiro Seita from WHO EMRO.
Preparation for the event included designing a logo and a slogan for the partnership, designing and printing some advocacy materials consisting of a brochure, a banner and rollups. Also a formal invitation was sent to all potential partners few days prior to the meeting rather than phone call and direct conversations.

Egypt Achieved the Global Target

Reference Global TB Report 2009

Egypt has succeed to achieve the global target and occupying a place in the target zone,  as published in the Global Repot of World Health Organization 2009 (which describes the data of 2007), to be classified as one of the 36 worldwide countries have achieved the global targets in both case detection and treatment success in year 2007. The case detection rate of positive cases in Egypt was 72% (global target is 70%) and treatment success rate was 87% (global target is 85%).
Moreover, Egypt didnt stand on this, but keep stepping ahead on the target of disease eradication to achieve 78% case detection and 89% treatment success in 2008.

The current estimate is calculated with several epidemiological methods combined including tuberculin survey in 1997, mathematically calculation 2003 and finally nation wide re-estimation of TB burden in 2007 using new technique in data analysis (capture - recapture)

Reference Global TB Report 2009

School students in Egypt use different weapons to fight Tuberculosis Bacilli

Cairo -May 2009

Memorandum Of Understanding had been signed between the Program and the ministry of Education defining the role of each partner. One of the products of this MOU is a flash game in which there is the Human lungs centered on the screen and Tuberculosis bacilli are trying to destroy them, the immune system a lone is trying to protect and can't do this alone. The game provides weapons for the playing student using the computer mouse in directing the shots towards the bacilli. During the game a health messages appears and when passing from a level to another he has to read a health message then answer a question. This game is an indirect communication process that suits this generation of children who like dealing with computers and internet.

Other products of the MOU is "Snake &Stairs' game, it's a paper game in which two players are playing with the die Beginning at a common starting point and aiming at reaching the end point first, when passing by the snake he has to return back and when he pass with a stair he can jump to an advanced point. The stair in the game is representing the good habits that enable them to prevent TB infection and the snake is representing the bad habits that increase the transmission of infection. The game instructions are present at the bottom of the game paper.
Also thousands of this game are printed to be distributed in the governorate of pilot.
In addition there are six boosters carrying six main health messages about Tuberculosis methods of infection and prevention that's rather than a brochure that contain simple facts about TB written in very simple language supported by drawings.

Million Youth March in Saladin Citadel

Cairo -13 March 2009

One million people suffer from tuberculosis in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, and this year millions of volunteers stepped up literally -- to show their support by joining in the Million Youth March to Stop TB.
In Egypt, the Million Youth March to Stop TB was held on Friday, the 13th of March, within the precinct of the Saladin Citadel, and all components of society can walked together and show determination to raise the community's awareness of this serious health threat. In all other 26 governorates other gatherings and activities were organized within educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities.


Egyptian radio station adds its voice to the stop TB partnership

Cairo -28 May 2009

NTP broadcasted TB messages through different radio networks focusing on how TB is transmitted, rectify the misconceptions about TB as stigma and wrong beliefs about the incurability of this disease and that it ultimately leads to death. The activities included the following:

A serial with 7 episodes under the theme of Love nobody but you dealing with the issue of stigma through a girl who was committed to her fianc although he was a TB patient, her family was against and she kept side by side with him until he was declared as cured. The serial was starring by two famous actors Ahmed Rateb and Nashwa Mostafa


Amr Khaled joins fight against Tuberculosis 

Cairo -25 January 2009

Dr. Amr Khaled, the well known Islamic Scholar and television celebrity and also the head of his own NGO, Right Start Foundation, has started his fight against TB, together with the National Tuberculosis Programme of the Minister of Health and Population of Egypt, World Health Forums (NGO), and the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean. The signing ceremony took place on 25 January at the WHO Regional Office. All partners will jointly conduct awareness campaign and activities on TB care in Egypt. The signed Project Collaboration Agreement is attached.






A documentary movie
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